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The de Marco Company was founded in 1961 by Mr. Cesario De Marco and, initially, it dealt mainly with the marketing of used earthmovers. 20 years afterwards, in 1981, the Company got bigger with the collaboration of Mr. Cesario De Marco's sons, Rocco, Gino and Antonio, becoming "De Marco, Limited Partnership".

Cooperation with the "Maia" Company began in 1990, as agent for the provinces of Lecce, south Brindisi and south Taranto. This has been a cooperation which has produced excellent results for both Companies.

Since 1997 in fact, as a confirmation of the validity of the new relationship, the De Marco Company has been a concessionary, thus assuming a much more important and significant role.

Now the De Marco Company, which has a team of 7 people as well as the owners, puts at its clients' disposal an organisation which not only deals with the marketing of earthmovers, but also provides technical assistance and spare parts.

Another considerable activity is the marketing of used earthmovers as well as renting them out.
This means an imposing and prestigious range of earthmovers, which requires a similarly prestigious organisation and the De Marco Company has got all the best qualities for this:

  • A company staff of 11 people, 5 of them mechanics
    - Premises of 1,200 covered sq.m. and various large areas for the exhibiting earthmovers (about 30,000 sq.m.)
  • A very big warehouse for spare parts, with a considerable availability of new and used spare parts of all the most important italian and foreign firms
  • A perfectly equipped garage and 3 vans for outside assistance
  • A used earthmovers centre which is one of the most important in central southern Italy, operating even in nearby countries, such as Greece, Albania and north Africa

As a result of these many important aspects, there is the pride and dedication which Mr. Cesario De Marco, still a valid manager of his Company, and his sons, put in their everyday work, showing that, even in the deep south of Italy, healthy Companies exist, led by valid managers, who know how to dedicate themselves completely to creating work and prosperity their tenaciousness and commitment. 



Via A. De Gasperi 125 - 74020 Avetrana (TA) - tel 099.9707790 - marketing@demarco.it
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